About the Book

Electronic Circuits Fundamentals was developed while teaching ‘Electronics II’ for several years at the University of Bahrain for students in Electrical and Electronic engineering undergraduate programs.

This book deals with the theory and applications of BJT, MOSFET and Op amp, as active devices. It has nine chapters starting with bipolar junction transistors and ending with fundamentals of feedback and oscillators. The detailed coverage the book is provided under the contents.

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The philosophy adopted in this book focusses on students’ understanding of the underlying principles and logic behind the subject or a topic in a simple and clear approach. By mastering the fundamental concept(s), students will develop the confidence that will allow them to apply their knowledge to any new problem or situation.

I can confidently attest to the effectiveness of 'Electronic Circuits Fundamentals' as an essential resource for anyone navigating the complexities of electronic circuits. The clear and concise presentation of material, along with the well-organized nine chapters, ensures that readers develop a robust understanding of the subject. A must-have for anyone serious about mastering electronic circuits.

John MatthewStudent

As an electrical engineering student, 'Electronic Circuits Fundamentals' has been an indispensable resource throughout my coursework. The book's comprehensive coverage of BJT, MOSFET, and Op amp theory, coupled with practical applications, has not only helped me grasp complex concepts but has also provided a solid foundation for my understanding of electronic circuits. The clear organization of the nine chapters, starting with bipolar junction transistors and concluding with feedback and oscillators, makes it an ideal companion for students and professionals alike.

Sara AliStudent
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