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About the Book

Electronic Circuits Fundamentals was developed while teaching ‘Electronics II’ for several years at the University of Bahrain for students in Electrical and Electronic engineering undergraduate programs.

This book deals with the theory and applications of BJT, MOSFET and Op amp, as active devices. It has nine chapters starting with bipolar junction transistors and ending with fundamentals of feedback and oscillators. The detailed coverage the book is provided under the contents. .

Book website Key features

  • Concentrate on underlying principle and the logic behind the topic studied.
  • Present important and fundamental topics in a simple way.
  • Theory and are presented in a compact form but with all necessary information needed for students understanding.
  • Theory is discussed through examples (most of the time).
  • Many examples are provided (a total of 82).
  • Several Mathcad examples are given.
  • Students will be able to understand the operation of electronic circuits and small systems.

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Meet The Author

A-Imam Al-Sammak ( / retiredas associate professor, from Department of Electrical Engineering,University of Bahrain where has been also the chairman of the Department for four years.

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