Electronic Circuits Fundamentals

Electronic Circuits Fundamentals

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Education is the most important factor in shaping any country’s future. University teaching represents a pivotal role in preparing the future leaders and workforce of a nation. Although different job disciplines must interact together in shaping such future, engineering is one of the most important ones, as it prepares engineers who build various infrastructures and continue to maintain them. The engineers face ever changing environment in real life, and hence an engineering graduate should be able to adapt accordingly. To be adaptable, students need to be well prepared during college studies. This can be achieved not only if the students are provided with the right tools, but also with the ability to use them efficiently and creatively in a changing environment.

2 reviews for Electronic Circuits Fundamentals

  1. Readatinrams


  2. Francesco

    An invaluable resource for aspiring engineers, combining theory with practical Mathcad examples.

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